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SITD : Bestie:Mensch - CD SITD : Bestie:Mensch - CD  Ref: 17389 Already their debut "STRONGHOLD" was voted ‘DAC Band-Album of the year 2003' in German Alternative Charts D.A.C.

With their second album ‘Coded Message:12' and the ep ‘Richtfest', the band further established their reputation and reached number 3 in the category ‘DAC National Single act', right after Rammstein and Deine Lakaien! Extensive tours and festival appearances in not less than 25 different countries followed and the band remixed such big names as Oomph! (the single with SITD's remix reached the German Top 10 Sales Charts!), OneTwo, VNV Nation and countless others.

Now they return and strike back with their eagerly awaited third album ‘Bestie:Mensch'. We encounter the ‘Beast' in us every day: Be it in the daily news on telly, the headlines of print medias or even at the daily confrontation in your bathroom's mirror – even though not always we recognize the Beast!

Bestie:Mensch is a look behind the facade of the human being. Controversial and frightening, but – at least sometimes – also offering some glimpse of hope. Despite the references to the beast in all of us, B:M contrary to the previous Coded Message:12 album does not follow an overall concept, as the protagonists did not intend to restrict themselves in the creation of the new material.

Musically speaking, [:SITD:] surprise with some new influences, without denying their roots and their very specific trademark sound though. As a result, B: M. offers a musical bandwidth that starts from uncompromsingly harsh and hard EBM stompers to melodic, almost poppy songs – from experimental tracks to highly danceable club-tunes!

Tracks ‘Bestie:Mensch' :

01 Herbsterwachen

02 Stammheim

03 Telepathic

04 Kreuzgang v.2

05 Displaced

06 Floating

07 Direction: North

08 Propaganda

09 Reincarnation

10 Silver Bombs

11 Heroic
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