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Qntal : VI- Translucida - CD  Ref: 17770 When QNTAL released their debut album back in 1992, a light-flooded pattern which brought to mind the magnificent window rosettes of Gothic cathedrals graced the cover. This graphic element has featured on every one of their releases – always in new variations. If the form had consolidated to a clasp on “Silver Swan”, it is now dissolving again, becoming transparent – all in line with QNTAL VI's title, “Translucida”. sQNTAL are an arc between history and avant-garde. The trio is not satisfied with simply pepping up medieval sounds with contemporary beats. QNTAL transport worlds of emotion and thought that apply to the 12 th just as much as to the 21 st century: love, mourning, longing, beauty, transcendence. Like those glass ornaments in Gothic architecture, QNTAL's music forms a focus with great suggestive power. In the end, stepping out of everyday life is just as easy for the listener as a reflection of their own reality.

“Translucida” – between present and future: On their brand new album, Qntal have turned their backs on the world of fairies. Bright-as-bells sounds bring back the band's roots on “Translucida”. Instead of great gestures, the album is dominated by unadorned elegance. Translucent arrangements focus the attention on Syrah's multi-faceted vocals, which are not accompanied by choral passages this time around. From the iridescent opener, “Sleeping”, to “Passacaglia”, which reveals Antonio Vivaldi's melancholy side, the exceptional voice of this classically trained vocalist explores the most diverse sonic spaces. Next to measured moments, the sixth QNTAL release includes a number of candidates for the club circus, such as “Sumer”, “Ludus” or indeed “Glacies”, a medieval dancing song, which was synthesized consistently without taking away any of its inherent joie de vivre .

“QNTAL VI – Translucida” brings together past and present in two respects: Both in historical terms and in terms of the band's biography. The album with its balanced mix of reflection and innovation opens an opportunity of looking ahead or back, whichever you prefer : QNTAL continue to operate on both sides of the timeline in 2008.

Tracks :

01 Sleeping [04:46] 02 Departir [05:33] 03 Slahte Wille [05:44] 04 Translucida [06:27] 05 La Froidor [05:27] 06 Glacies [03:43] 07 Worlds of Light [05:01] 08 Obscure [04:43] 09 Sumer [04:14] 10 Amorous Desir [04:24] 11 Ludus [04:38] 12 Passacaglia [04:16]
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