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Wumpscut : Schadling (Polyalbum) - CD  Ref: 17895 The album contains 12 all new tracks, including ‘Rifki' (the remix-contest track of this album) and ‘Schäbiger Lump', that are available in various remixes on the bonus-CD included in the limited ‘Schädlingsbox' (see below).

Tracks :

01 Rusty Nails From Hell 02 Schäbiger Lump 03 Oh How it feels 04 Foretold 05 Break the Seal 06 Rifki 07 Enemy 08 Hard to Bear 09 Spuuk (Now is over) 10 Moloch 11 Voodoo Void 12 Nest

The box set is available in two editions:-

WUMPSCUT: - Schädlingsbox BOX ‘M' BOX

WUMPSCUT: - Schädlingsbox BOX ‘XL' BOX

Limited to 1515 copies

This year's :W: box contains a Heavy Quality POLOSHIRT. The box comes with two different sizes of the Poloshirt included and has to be pre-ordered, clearly stating the Shirt-size you wish to be included!

The Schädlingsbox comes as Glossy laminated cardboard box and will include :

- 2CD (Schädling Main & Remix) in SACD Packaging (DVD Size)

- Booklet in Parchment/Transparent Style outside)/Extended Content - Flip Tray

- Heavy quality Poloshirt, available in M or XL size!

- Flag (1000x1200 mm - full colored)

- Fridge Magnet (80x54 mm - super heavy)

- Poster (A1-sized)

- Calendar (A1-sized/May 08 to April 09)

- Sticker

- Postcard (A5-sized)

ATTENTION: content may vary/may get extended!

Also this year, :WUMPSCUT: launched a popular ‘:W: remix contest' on the web where everybody has been invited to deliver his own remix of the song ‘Rifki' from the new album. The best versions came from Mechanimal Canicals (Russia), K-U-T-T (Germany), Advent Resilience (Netherlands) and Jose Papa (Brasil). The 3 first mentioned have been included on the Schädling remix album (part of the Schädlingsbox), remix 4 will comes as a bonus download. Additionally the Remix-CD also features remixes by DER BLUTHARSCH, YENDRI, CEREBRAL APOPLEXY, RECENTLY DECEASED and others.

Tracks CD2 (exclusively available as part of the ‘Schädlingsbox') :

01 Schäbiger Lump (Ranthony Other remix) 02 Rifki (Cerebral Apoplexy remix) 03 Rusty Nails From Hell (12 Inch remix) 04 Schäbiger Lump (Der Blutharsch remix) 05 Rifki (Mechanimal Canicals remix/Cont.Winner1) 06 Schäbiger Lump (Recently Deceased Club mix)07 Schäbiger Lump (Midnight Commodore remix) 0 8 Rifki (K-U-T-T remix/Cont.Winner2) 09 Schäbiger Lump (Recently Deceased Floating mix) 10 Schäbiger Lump (Reznick remix) 11 Schäbiger Lump (Yendri Goosepimple remix) 12 Rifki (Advent Resilience remix/Cont.Winner3) 13 Schäbiger Lump (Erektor remix) 14 Schäbiger Lump (Piscide remix) 15 Schäbiger Lump (Naked Beat remix) 16 Schäbiger Lump (Asl remix)
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