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Die Krupps : I Re-issue - 2xCD Die Krupps : I Re-issue - 2xCD  Ref: 18247 Die Krupps started the new decade with "I" an album that inspired many (just compare "Dawning of Doom" with Rammstein´s "Das Tier") and paved the way for a new sound. "Metal Machine Music" already hinted at the potential of the clash of sequenced electronics and soaring guitars which was to dominate industrial clubs for the next years. Their cover version of Metallicas "One" provided a reference point - a full-blown electronic tribute to that kind of monster was to follow soon.

"Machineries of Joy", the Die Krupps´ initiated joint venture with Nitzer Ebb - a remake of their 80s classic "Wahre Arbeit Wahrer Lohn" - did not only hit the (Billboard) charts - but also the right nerves. Because it re-activated Die Krupps who had provided some of the most pioneering electronic music works in the 80s.

This re-release comes with a ‘the ATOM H mixes' (Atom H being the name of Jürgen Engler's first own label, founded in the 80ies) bonus-CD on CD1, which also includes 3 exclusive bonus-mixes. CD 2 includes the original album + 5 early demo-versions of later Krupps-songs – incl. Mabuse, later to become a worldwide hit for PROPAGANDA. Original album + bonus CD in digipak incl. informative liner notes

CD1 ‘I' - the ATOM H mixes : 01 hi tech low life 02 metal machine music 03 doppelgaenger 04 dawning of doom 05 ministry of fear 06 one 07 simply say no 08 disciples of discipline 09 the power 10 rings of steel Bonus tracks : 11 hi tech low life / electro version 12 ministry of fear / electro version 13 disciples of discipline / electro version

CD2 ‘I' original album : Tracks 01 – 10 same as CD1 (but the original versions) Bonus tracks : 11 mabuse / demo version 12 metal machine music / demo version 13 doppelganger / demo version 14 simply say no / demo version 15 the power / demo version
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