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Cold (The) : Last Embrace - CD Cold (The) : Last Embrace - CD  Ref: 18903 The band from Frankfurt was founded in 1997 as a quartet, initially featuring an unconventional interpretation of traditional New Wave Music

from the early 80's. With the first Demo CD, today's five-member line-up joined forces and their repertoire was completely replaced by their own songs. Ever since the band members are: Uwe Liebscher (vocals, guitar), Alexander Meister (bass), Timo Schardt (keyboards), Robby Lehmann (drums), Torsten Köhler (guitar). Bands like Joy Division, The Cure, Editors or Chameleons have an important influence on the band.

After countless performances and compilation features (Dark Awakening, Pagan Love Songs, Strobelight) a second Demo CD was recorded and The Cold applied with numerous record labels for a record deal.

The Cold became acquainted to a wider audience through numerous support gigs for international bands like Faith & the Muse, The Mission, Pink Turns Blue, Diva Destruction, Cruexshadows, Sex Gang Children, Cinema Strange and a few festival performances at the Wave-Gotik-Treffen, M'era Luna, Cry for Happiness and Herbstnächte. From a very early start The Cold were supported by a great number of Scene DJ's and fans. Especially the coorporation with the concert agency “Motherdance” provided The Cold with large opportunities. Their album “After All” was published in 2004 under the label Sonorium that in fact made it into the German Alternative Charts for five weeks. For their début album The Cold collaborated with Monica Richards and William Faith (Faith & the Muse) for the song “Summernight” and the legendary Andi Sexgang (Sex Gang Children) for the song “World came Down”. The song “Summernight” became a floor filler in no-time. After a long tour through France, Holland, Belgium and Lithuania in 2008, The Cold started working on their second album. The Cold signed a record deal with the prestigious independent label Dark Dimensions in 2009. The new album with the title “Last Embrace” will be released for the first time at the Gothic Pogo Festival on the fly with the Wave-Gotik-Treffen in May 2009. (Unless we are facing Armageddon).

The Cold consequently continues with their musical enthusiasm with “Last Embrace”. Wave, Pop, Post Rock compose into a blend that can not be found often, nowadays. Melancholia and Anger, dance ability and gloom lie close together in the new The Cold Album.

Tracks : 01 Profane advice 02 What would you say 03 Just for tonight 04 Vicious circle 05 Pain is still inside 06 Farewell 07 Seaside Vacancy

08 I don't wanna 09 Set the controls... 10 Reason

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