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Rotersand : Random is Resistance - CD Rotersand : Random is Resistance - CD  Ref: 19076 The first edition of ‘Random Is Resistance' is released as a lavish 8-panelled digipak with an extensive booklet full of sombre illustrations which perfectly sets the visual scene for the story and which can be described without over-exaggeration as a work of art. Ever since their debut ‘Truth is Fanatic' exploded like a bomb, it has been impossible to imagine the clubs and the alternative charts without ROTERSAND.

Also with their new album, ‘Random is Resistance', they have once again succeeded in performing the balancing act between club-friendly music and a total work of art. They mix chilled-out electrobeats with shimmering futurepop sequences. Trancelike sounds with atmospheric samples. Clear-cut melodies with warm and charismatic vocals. Subdued new wave with classical strings. Nor do they shy away from acoustic guitars and pop hooklines, creating a unique universe that pulls together all strands of electronic music and which remains masterfully emotional and above all, intelligent.‘Random is Resistance' is the most perfect work to date from ROTERSAND's unique creative musical forge. Adroitly fluctuating between driving rhythms and subdued beauty, an album which combines pop and club sounds, fragile melodies, cool electropop, fascinating arrangements and a unique artistic vision has come into being. Without doubt, in the world of electronic music, ROTERSAND once more claim their special position, above all because the intelligence of their lyrical message is mirrored in the skilfully employed variation of their music. Individualists who dance their way out of the grid, achieving musical resistance to the well-worn pigeonholes.‘Coincidence' is an unpredictable factor. To remain unpredictable was not only ever just an integral part of ROTERSAND's music. To remain unpredictable in a world in which we are (voluntarily) monitored and in which we relinquish all of our data and personal preferences in order to become the perfect controllable consumers is resistance!‘Random is Resistance' will, like its predecessors, implant itself into various charts, the dancefloors of the clubs and in the brains of the listeners.A collectors' piece which no fan of ROTERSAND should be without!

Tracks : 01 Yes we care 02 Bastards screaming 03 Waiting to be born 04 Speak to Me 05 We will kill them all 06 First time 07 Beneath the stars 08 If you don't stop it… 09 War on Error 10 A number and a name 11 Gothic Paradise 12 A Million Worlds To Lose

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