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Persephone : Atma Gyan (Re-release) - CD Persephone : Atma Gyan (Re-release) - CD  Ref: 19450 At last: Re-Release of the looooong sold out and highly sought-after second album of PERSEPHONE!

Two years after their sensational debut album "Home", PERSEPHONE (fronted by the female vocals of SONJA KRAUSHOFER/L'AME IMMORTELLE) returns with some changes in its formation. This new album has been produced by the legendary JOHN A. RIVERS (DEAD CAN DANCE), because Tobias Hahn and Rig left the band to dedicate themselves completely to JANUS. And on the same time MATT HOWDEN (SIEBEN, ex-SOL INVICTUS) and Martin Höfert (SOPOR AETERNUS) joined the project and have built on the extended, dark ambient rumbles and neo-classical soundscapes of its previous work and emerged into a more goth-ethereal, dark folk and sacral type of music. PERSEPHONE plays across a densely contoured terrain, both bound and endless, sad and hauntingly beautiful.

To listen to PERSEPHONE is to imagine what the product of a collaboration between DEAD CAN DANCE and SOPOR AETERNUS would have sounded like. Heavenly Voices blend eloquently with mysterious string patterns and doom-laden rhythms. Besides many classical musicians (violin, cello, bassoon, oboe, clarinet and much more) this album once again features WIM, ex-guitar player of CHRISTIAN DEATH. And once again the artwork has been completely done by JOACHIM LUETKE, who is responsible for the album layouts of MARILYN MANSON or SOPOR AETERNUS. With "Atma Gyan" the band provides music for inspiration, contemplation and relaxation not to be missed by those unafraid to hear new directions in Heavenly Voices music. A delicate spiritual experience.

Tracks : 01 My Music is gone 02 Facing the Ruins 03 Lost 04 My sweetest Pain 05 Secret Garden 06 Eternal Grief 07 Black Widow 08 Our Dream 09 Shadow Dance 10 The End of the World 11 Lullaby 12 Atma Gyan
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