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Hocico : Crónicas Letales II - 2xCD Hocico : Crónicas Letales II - 2xCD  Ref: 19955 Part 2 features the ‘breakthrough'-album ‘Sangre Hirviente' on CD1, the mini-album ‘Aqui Y ahora en el Silencio' plus 5 rare tracks from long deleted Compilations on CD2.

Tracks CD1 : 01 Música para un Suicidio (primer Acto) 02 Spit as an Offense 03 Sucios Pensamientos 04 Where Angels don't sing 05 Ojos sin Lágrimas 06 Distorted Face (Dulce Liquido mix) 07 Espinas el Mal 08 Legión 09 Boiling Blood 10 Fragmentos en el Tiempo 11 Música para un Suicidio (Acto final) Tracks 1-11 from the Album ‘Sangre Hirviente' (1999)

Tracks CD2 : 01 Starving Children 02 Poltergeist 03 Líneas de Ironía 04 Spit as an Offense (Escupitajo Version) 05 Predicción 06 Nothing back 07 Spit as an Offense (Suicide Commando remix) 08 Episodio 09 A broken Glass # 10 Poltergeist (panic) # 11 Possessed # 12 Depression (new version) # 13 La Gloria del Odio #

Tracks 1-8 from the mini-album ‘Aquí Y ahora en el Silencio' (2000)

# Track 9 from the limited box-edition of ‘Aquí Y ahora en el Silencio' (2000)

# Track 10 from the CD ‘Awake the Machines Vol.3 (2001)

# Track 11 from the double-CD ‘Awake the Machines Vol.2' (1999)

# Track 12 from the double-CD ‘Machineries of Joy Vol.1' (2001)

# Track 13 from the double-CD ‘Machineries of Joy Vol.2' (2002)

Few other bands have left their imprint on the hard side of electronic dance music as heavily as the Mexican duo Hocico has done in the past two decades. Often copied but never bested, Erk Aicrag and Racso Agroyam stand for innovative sound design, uncompromising club anthems, whipping beats and aggro-attacks that hit it where it hurts. Right in time for their new long playing album, the Mexican group is unleashing a comprehensive anthology on four double-CD releases: “Crónicas Letales: A Music Collection”, parts I-IV! Included are all of the band's albums up until “Wrack And Ruin”, as well as all accompanying singles, EPs and exclusive compilation tracks, some of them previously unreleased on CD, all in newly remastered glory. Therefore, “Crónicas Letales” is not only the ideal introduction to Hocico's sonic hellfire for newcomers but also the long-awaited opportunity for fans to complete their collection with all those rare tracks they could previously only obtain with a lot of luck and for a lot of money at record fairs. Hocico: music as a weapon… a lethal weapon!

The Symbol # in the tracklistings below marks tracks, that were not included in ‘regular' albums, EPs or singles – These rare tracks have mostly been taken from limited editions and long deleted compilations.

The Mexican group Hocico was officially formed in 1993 by Erk Aicrag (lyrics & vocals) and Racso Agroyam (synthesizer, programming). The names are ananyms of the real names Erik Garcia and Oscar Mayorga. Both cousins had been experimenting with electronic music, mixing Industrial and EBM, since they were fifteen years old and formed a band in 1992 called Hocico de Perro. The Spanish word hocico means ‘Snout' and is a derogatory term that indicates ugliness (i.e., ugly as a dog's snout).

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