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Gothminister : Anima Inferna - CD Gothminister : Anima Inferna - CD  Ref: 20152 Since the release of his debut 'Gothic Electronic Anthems' in 2003 Gothminister Björn Alexander Brem has captured the listeners with his hymns of pitch-black magic. Dark shudders, deepest leadvocals and thrilling craft of composing within the marrow of Gothic, Industrial-Metal and Electro have become his trademarks ever since. Songs as „Angel“, „Wish“, „Dark Salvation“ or „Monsters“ remain jewels despite fleeting time. Damnation, salvation by darkness, burning passions, the cruel fascination with death, luring sin. Armoured with black humour Gothminister's lyrics constantly swirl around these dark poles. Musical art and striking visual appearance of Gothminister have resulted in long lasting success on European stages and dancefloors.

Now finally the Minister of Goth returns! His new album „Anima Inferna“, produced by US-soundwizard Neil Kernon, exceedes even the highest expectations. Powerful metal riffs march relentlessly arm in arm with juicy Electro-sequences. The Master himself reveals an astonishing range of vocal-art: from the deepest Gothic-dungeons up to the higher spheres of steaming Rock. Verses of viciously growled rhythm-figures are followed by overwhelming refrains, sometimes followed by yet another exciting chorus. Impossible? Then listen to such killer tracks as “Stonehenge“, “Liar“ or “Juggernaut“.

The atmospheric parts of tricky break-down-art may surprise you in between, but be prepared to get smashed by yet another part of brutal power! The new songs' aesthetic ranges from gloomy and threatening heaviness to the regions of Black Metal. Dynamic, energetic, dramatic – and beware of those divine, crying and weeping choirs! 'Anima Inferna', that is a soul born in hell. Ultimate darkness. Gothminister is no less relentless: he damns us to fall for him. He may command: ‘Fight! Resist!' There's no use. We won't fight, we can't resist him.”

Tracks : 01 Stonehenge 02 Liar 03 Juggernaut 04 616 05 Solitude 06 The Beauty of Fanatism 07 A.I. (Anima Inferna) 08 Fade 09 The Beast 10 Hell opens yhe Gate 11 Liar (remix)

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