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ASP : Eisige Wirklichkeit      - CD ASP : Eisige Wirklichkeit - CD  Ref: 20591 The masterpiece „fremd“ still haunts our auditory channels, the memories of the bygone tour still are fresh in our minds. Yet there are already news from the outland – in guise of an elaborate single that belies its name with a total playing time of almost three (!) hours and proves how much really can be done with that format. What is special about this release is that the fans were given the chance to choose the title for the single in a voting where ASP put their entire trust into their followers. With an overwhelming majority, „Eisige Wirklichkeit“ won the battle – this club storming Electro Rock anthem that made the walls in the halls of the past tour shake alarmingly. Several versions, reworked with much love for elaborate detail, illuminate the title track from completely different angles. Very special highlights among them are the extremely club compatible Tanznacht version and the so-called horror score version that approaches the subject in a very fitting way and features arrangements reminding of the soundtrack to a creepy movie. But the band also felt responsible for other tracks from their top 10 album. Thus, one can listen to a fragile, handmade piano version of the in itself moving ballad „Rücken an Rücken“ that comes along so intimate that one wants to coil up with it under a warm blanket. And this is still not it: Faster than was deemed possible, „Eisige Wirklichkeit“ will contain selected live versions from the completed first part of the „fremd“ tour – thereby setting the right mood for the second part of the journey that is accompanied by this brimful single horror story.

CD in 6-panel ecolpak

Ecolpak with lavish inside print

Matt art print with spot varnishing

Additional artwork on heavy cardboard piece

Tracks : 01 Eisige Wirklichkeit (Single Kurzschnitt) 02 Eisige Wirklichkeit (Tanznacht Version) 03 Rücken an Rücken (Nicht erwünschter Radio-Edit) 04 BaldAnders (Nun anders Version) 05 FremdkörPerson, erstens (Ab-Schnitt) 06 Rücken an Rücken (Auge in Auge Remix) 07 Eisige Wirklichkeit (Horror score version) 08 Rücken an Rücken (Stripped down piano version) 09 A Prayer für Sanctuary/Wechselbalg (Live, Bochum – Matrix) 10 Eisige Wirklichkeit (Live, Bremen – Aladin) 11 Rücken an Rücken (Live, München – Muffat Halle) 12 FremdkörPerson, erstens (Live, Hamburg – Dock)
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