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Breath of Life : Whispering Fields - CD Breath of Life : Whispering Fields - CD  Ref: 20763 The Breath Of Life are a well-known Belgian darkwave band led by the heavenly voice of Isabelle Dekeyser. Formed in 1989, the band has released 6 studio albums (3 on Lacrimosa's ‘Hall of Sermon' Label) and has played gigs all around Europe. After 7 years of silence, they are finally back with a brand new album. With this opus, the band is in perfect line with its previous works. The CD includes 11 new tracks plus two new versions of their biggest hit, "Nasty Cloud" (1994 – album ‘Taste of Sorrow'). The music is again a subtle and magical balance between gothic rock, ethereal voices, delicate synths and brilliant violins. The album opens with "The Dark Side", a very catchy song, with a well crafted harmonies and arrangements, somehow reminiscent of The Eden House and The Mission. "Forgotten Sins", as well as "To the Wild", propose a more melancholic atmosphere, comparable to Collection d'Arnell-Andrea, but more energic and strengthful."Cutting Wings" is a pure gothic rock anthem, with a fast beat à la Sisters of Mercy, on which high-pitched voices and violins hover gently. With "Holy Shrine", the rhythm slows down and Isabelle's voice becomes mysterious and haunting, like a whispering Kate Bush on glittering guitar touches. "Shadows in the Sky" is maybe one of the best tracks: it starts with a great piano riff, complemented by a nice violin line, on which Isabelle's heavenly voice sings softly. The verse is great but when the chorus arrives, it's magnificent as changing harmonies take you on a wonderful and dark trip.

As bonus, you get two new versions of "Nasty Clouds", a 2012 version that sounds even more powerful than the original and one acoustic version, which is slower but very sensual with its percussions and In a nutshell, a very fantastic CD, with great compositions, a remarkable musical mastery and a flawless Production. More than 23 years after their creation, The Breath Of Life confirm they are still one of the best bands in the gothic rock / heavenly voice area.

Tracks : 01 The Dark Side 02 Forgotten Sins 03 Cutting Wings 04 Holy Shrine 05 Shadows in the Sky 06 To the Wild 07 Sanctum 08 The Souls remain 09 Waving to Shades 10 Invocation 11 Your Whisperings Bonus Tracks : 12 Nasty Cloud [2012] 13 Nasty Cloud [acoustic]
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