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Emilie Autumn : Fight Like a Girl - CD Emilie Autumn : Fight Like a Girl - CD  Ref: 20795 The American singer-songwriter, poet, and violinist, bestselling artist with Audioglobe Exports for three Years in a row (Opheliac, 2006, 2007, 2008) is finally back with an all new, full-length Album. First announced in early 2012 and accompanied by a 44 dates Tour through USA, the UK and continental Europe, F.L.A.G. has seen a number of heavy delays due to her continuous touring and various other circumstances. F.L.A.G. comes in a sexy Digipak, clear tray and with a beautiful 4 colour print booklet, with all 12 pages made to look like old paper with tea stains and containing all the lyrics to the songs Beautiful, bizarre, and brazen sonic seductress EMILIE AUTUMN wants you to fight alongside her on this much overdue and eagerly expected follow-up album to her groundbreaking debut, "Opheliac".

On F.L.A.G. she elegantly strikes that effervescent balance between sex, violence, and English literature. Part Broadway, part burlesque, part rock, part history lesson, there's nothing quite like it anywhere… On the track ‘Fight Like a Girl', which both is the opener for the new album and gave the album its name, Emilie comments: "The song kicks off the record, and it's about women realizing that they are in fact 51% of the population, and learning how to take back their power. In the story, the inmates of a Victorian insane asylum for girls break free and go on a rampage against the doctors who terrorized them. For me, 'Fight Like a Girl' means to fight like the ultimate badass you are. It's time to take back the words and phrases that are used to ridicule girls and insult boys and transform them into sources of power!...”

Are you ready to join EMILIE in this FIGHT?

Tracks : 01 Fight Like A Girl - 05:24 02 Time for Tea - 04:03 03 4 O'Clock Reprise - 01:21 04 What will I remember? - 02:54 05 Take the Pill - 05:17 06 Girls! Girls! Girls! - 06:14 07 I don't understand - 02:12 08 We want them Young - 02:47 09 If I burn - 05:31 10 Scavenger - 06:59 11 Gaslight - 05:09 12 The Key – 02:12 13 Hell is empty – 01:11 14 Gaslight Reprise - 02:13 15 Goodnight, Sweet Ladies - 04:44 16 Start another Story - 01:57 17 One Foot in Front of the Other - 04:32
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