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Frozen Autumn : Is Anybody There? (re-release + bo Frozen Autumn : Is Anybody There? (re-release + bo  Ref: 20925 Much demanded and eagerly awaited, CALEMBOUR RECORDS finally presents the re-release of THE FROZEN AUTUMN's second last full-length album in a special, 71 minutes long version! Originally released in 2005 on Pandaimonium, this is probably TFA's most Introspective album: an evanescent cathedral built with seemingly endless, unpredictable synthetic layers. The question expressed in the title also refers to the possible existence of extra-terrestrian intelligent life, Still this is just one of the interpretation keys of the album's underlying inspiration topics. The idea of parallel dimensions leading to other possible worlds and potentially different lives here generates visions of algid beauty, deep melancholy and ravishing poetry. "Is Anybody There?" reveals to each listening new precious facets, unfolding layer by layer, and it's meant to be repeatedly savoured to fully enjoy all of its somptuous essence. This edition comes with three bonus tracks: A very rare version of "Citywards" and two special remixes of the very well-known album track "Polar Plateau": ‘No Gravity Mix' from the Decadence compilation and the long deleted ‘Aggravation Mix' from the ‘Dark Flower II' compilation on Angelstar (2006). The CD also comes with a booklet containing all lyrics as well as completely re-styled graphics. This is real crystal-clear ice-cold electro-wave that will catch you and never let you go! From hard-wired: "To listen to The Frozen Autumn is to be drawn into another mysterious world that is constantly enveloped either by an impenetrable mist or an eternal winter & yet which isn't without its own cold melancholic beauty. (...) Indeed, if anything, they're just getting better & better all the time as this is easily as good as anything they've released in the past & could well be their finest release yet with virtually every track proving its worth, as massed melodic layers create a quite compelling sonic tapestry with each new element taking the tracks up to new emotive heights in a masterful manner"

Tracks : 01 Evening Falls 02 Faceless Names 03 Ashes 04 Polar Plateau 05 Static Cold 06 Oblivion 07 Venetian Blinds 08 Guardian Angel 09 Concavo-Convex 10 Citywards Bonus-Tracks : 11 Polar Plateau (No Gravity Mix) 12 Citywards (Instrumental) 13 Polar Plateau (Aggravation Mix)
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