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Reptyle : Night and the River - CD  Ref: 21209 Style: Gothic. REPTYLE have been a household name in German gothic rock for more than a decade. The 5-piece follows a unique vision of epic and massive dark rock, thoroughly unimpressed by trends and market forecasts. With 2 albums and one EP to date, all of them acclaimed by fans and critics alike, they have developed their own unique sound, inspired by the venerable pioneers of the genre (from BAUHAUS to PARADISE LOST), yet absolutely distinctive and unmistakable.

REPTYLE´s third album just goes to reinforce this reputation, with REPTYLE´s time-tested blend of anthemic tunes, scorching guitars and swirling atmospheres expanding into less-explored territory. Take the opener "Ghosts and Machines", easily the heaviest REPTYLE have ever done, or the mercurial rhythm of "Morning Heir", or the rough-and-ready "Pictures that Stay"… Having said this, REPTYLE never neglect their core competence, turning out anthems other goth bands would kill for with an almost casual ease. And in fact, it is songs like "What´s in a Moment?", "The Long Last" or the monumental title track which burn deepest, and longest, in the listener´s mind. REPTYLE´s latest feat, in a nutshell, shows what sets REPTYLE apart from legions of faceless darkling wannabes: True songwriting craftsmanship that needs no platitudes, a healthy dose of sonic aggression honed over scores of live shows, and an unpretentious kind of catchiness shining from the craggy deeps. All-embracing as the night, unstoppable as the river.

Tracks: 01 Ghosts and Machines [Redemption Part II] 02 Morning Heir 03 What's in a Moment? 04 The Age of Love 05 Night and the River 06 Ghost Ships for tomorrow 07 Ways of Fate 08 Rose imperial 09 The long Last 10 Pictures that stay

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