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Lacrimosa : Live in Mexico City - 2xCD Lacrimosa : Live in Mexico City - 2xCD  Ref: 21212 "Live in Mexico City" is LACRIMOSA's third official live album in their 20+ years career! When asked by a journalist, for which reason, there will be a new concert album, Tilo Wolff (singer and songwriter) replied: "There are four specific reasons for the release of LIVE IN MEXICO CITY: First, the last live album is already 7 years old. Many of our listeners didn't know us back then and the songs we played on this album are less close to them than the new ones, which are a large part of the new live album. Second, despite of the many new songs we play, of course, we again pull out many of LACRIMOSA's ‘classics' and it's just exciting to compare between the live albums, how older songs have evolved over the years. One may mature more like a well-aged wine and develops new facets, others – to stay with this picture – might lose something if the individual storage was not really appropriate. Each listener must and can decide this for himself, but in any case it is exciting. Thirdly, I have visited in recent years, some concerts of beloved artists and when I got back home, I would have given much to be able to dive into this concert-mood once more and again and again. When LEONARD COHEN released even two live albums from his tour that I attended several times, it was pure magic listening to those albums. And that's what I wanted to offer our concert-visitors as well. On this basis and with the awareness that our last live album was a compilation of tracks recorded in various locations (which definitely also has its charm) I was missing this very compact and direct experience of an entire concert, with all of its tension, no cuts, pure and simply as the concerts of this tour did take place. Therefore, I asked our live sound engineer Nils Rieke, who stood every evening at the mixing desk, but never previously had mixed an album, to mix this one, in order to achieve exactly the sound like the concerts have sounded like. So, anyone expecting a perfect studio production with applause ingredients, leave your fingers off this – our personal tour souvenir – album! And fourth, never in the history of music there has been an album on which a Mexican audience sings German lyrics. That alone makes this album unique! "

Tracks CD1 [Playing Time: 01:02:22] : 01 Lacrimosa Theme (1995) 02:45 02 Ich bin der brennende Komet (1996) 07:08 03 Welcome to the show (2013) 00:45 04 Schakal (1994) 06:29 05 Alleine zu zweit (1999) 04:20 06 Alles Lüge (1993) 06:17 07 Not every Pain hurts (1997) 05:26 08 Verloren (2012) 07:41 09 Ohne Dich ist Alles nichts (2010) 06:44 10 Weil Du Hilfe brauchst (2012) 06:28 11 Apart (2003) 04:09 12 If the World stood still a Day (2012) 04:10

CD2 [Playing Time: 01:04:38] : 01 Feuerzug I + II (2012) 05:47 02 Der Morgen danach (2001) 04:42 03 Irgendein Arsch ist immer unterwegs (2012) 06:13 04 Liebesspiel/Fassade III (2001) 06:30 05 Rote Sinfonie (2012) 06:19 06 Revolution (2012) 06:48 07 Durch Nacht und Flut (2003) 04:22 08 Stolzes Herz (1996) 08:12 09 Feuer (2009) 04:40 10 Lichtgestalt (2005) 05:42 11 Copycat (1995) 05:25
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