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Camoflage : Grayscale - Limited - CD Camoflage : Grayscale - Limited - CD  Ref: 21363 Camouflage flitted directly from the small German town of Bietigheim-Bissingen all the way to the United States in 1987 with "The Great Commandment". Their music brilliantly combined the icy coolness of Kraftwerk, the pop of OMD and the melancholy gloom of Depeche Mode. Yet the temptation to indulge in nostalgia has always remained very feint with this band. So it's no surprise that Camouflage now emerge with their 8 th album “Greyscale” – a strikingly current and compelling album, both musically and lyrically. The music on “Greyscale” sounds expansive and atmospheric, yet is simultaneously compelling and tight. Once again responsible for the production is Heiko Maile, who has enjoyed success as a film music composer for several years now. Stylistically confident, he contrasts electronic elements, guitars, sonic experimentation and beats with acoustic instruments, such as the string ensemble of the Babelsberg Film Orchestra. Great support for the musicality and sound of the album came from renewed collaboration with two of the band's most loyal companions: Volker Hinkel (guitar, production) and Jochen Schmalbach (production, mixing), both of whom have been involved with Camouflage over many years, as part of the live band and all other activities. In “End of Words” there is even a children's choir, which sounds as if Kubrick himself set it in scene. It's nothing less than cinematic!

The record sounds modern, yet Camouflage always maintain the connection to their own original sound, for which they became famous. The beats and basses, synth arpeggios and pads all reveal their unmistakable fingerprint, equally as characteristic as the touchingly poignant voice of singer Marcus Meyn. Another great quality of this music: Camouflage is not just some superficial band that bases its existence on churning out dance stompers and love songs. Their music and lyrics touch on nothing less than the big questions of our time. Hope is also a theme. “Count on Me” is a declaration of unconditional love. Here Marcus Meyn shares the vocals with Peter Heppner of Wolfsheim .

Limited first edition in Digipak! CD version – featuring 13 tracks, incl. the instrumental

‘Greyscale' and the song ‘If…', that are not included on the LP version.

Tracks : 01 Shine 02 Laughing 03 In the Cloud 04 Count on Me (feat. Peter Heppner!) 05 Greyscale 06 Still 07 Misery 08 Leave your Room behind 09 Light Grey 10 If… 11 End of Words 12 Dark Grey 13 I'll find
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