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Blutengel : Oxidising Angel - CD Blutengel : Oxidising Angel - CD  Ref: 21376 With the release of the brand new OMEN album (CD, 2CD and 3CD-box [sold out!]), it was about time for a re-print of this 11-tracks full-length album at special price! A release jam-packed with dark hit tunes! “Oxidising Angel” shows Pohl and his singing graces at their best. Pohl's characteristic dark vocal timbre delivers the addictive tune of the song with a lot of emotion, while his female counterparts take the listener to other worlds. Another highlight is “Cry little Sister”, an intense electronic rendition of the title song to Eighties cult-vampire-flick, “The Lost Boys” – definitely one o the best Blutengel cover versions. The band manages to keep up the top-level-quality for the rest of the release, be it with the starkingly beautiful ballad, “A Little Love” – a song guaranteed to give you goosebumps – in which Pohl delivers one of his best vocal performances ever, or with the dark-disco-anthem, “Leave the Day”, which brings out all of the best of the band´s trademark sounds.

Tracks : 01 The oxidising Angel 02 Cry little Sister 03 Burning Heaven 04 A little Love 05 Leave the Day 06 Angels of the Dark (remixed by Lost Area) 07 Falling (remixed by Angelus Mortus) 08 Navigator (feat. Sara Noxx, remixed by Noxx / Rilinger) 09 The oxidising Angel (remixed by Control System) 10 Leave the Day (crystal tears remix) 11 The oxidising Angel (single edit)
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