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V/A : Electropop 10 - CD  Ref: 21386 Finally Part 10 of the popular and successful compilation series "electropop"! Dedi-cated to recent and not yet 'famous' artists in electronic music, 6 and a half years after the publication of its first volume, the "electropop" series have become a highly regarded and praised brand in electro and wave music!

Vol. 10 again features 13 great songs illuminating the complexity of electronic pop music in all its facets: Fresh and free from constraints, the CD features artists like the British band Sinestar, whose track was produced in collaboration with Mesh mastermind Richard Silverthorn, the Norwegian Electro Spectre, who reach for worldwide success or the German project POS:.2, that deliver a sort of Kraftwerk 2015 upgrade with their track 'Only Electropop'. The CD closes with an all new song by Zoon Politicon, a project that was inactive for more than 15 years and now returns in old splendour!

Artists/Tracks: 01 Dead Man Recovering - Dignity (extended) 02 Electro Planet - Way to the Planet (Eduard Reik rmx) 03 Electro Spectre - Your Love is a Criminal (Vibe of Vice rmx) 04 Heliophile - Econocide (extended) 05 Kartagon - Rescue Me (Kartagon Club mix) 06 Naommon - Beginning Everyday (Arôme Artificiel's mix) 07 Pos.:2 - Only Electropop (Conzoom edit) 08 Sinestar - Fortunes faded (Krammix Liberator rmx) 09 The Voice and the Snake - Children of the Sun (Ricardo Autobahn extended edit) 10 Vaylon - Lost (extended) 11 X-Sonic - Machine Language (128K extended Ram rmx) 12 Zero-Eq - Discodark (extended) 13 Zoon Politicon - Mercy 2014 (extended)

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