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Mono Inc : Terlingua - CD+DVD Mono Inc : Terlingua - CD+DVD  Ref: 21417 Everything is bigger in Texas: the distance between cities, the vastness of the land, the steaks on the barbecue, the stupidity of its politicians… - even the space for recent thoughts seems to have XXL-format. At least this is what the German rock band Mono Inc. has experienced on their 5-day visit to a ranch on the Rio Grande. Because what had started out as a small vacation following the band's first gig in the USA evolved into something much bigger: Terlingua, the eighth studio album in the bands history.

Industry experts have great expectations for it to follow the path of the previous two albums “After the War“ and “Nimmermehr“ that both reached the German Top 10 album charts. Terlingua got its name from the tiny town in West Texas, whose deep soul influenced the 13 songs on the album audibly. Imagine: Only two people live there per square mile. Astronomers appreciate the deserted area because of those pitch black nights when stars illuminate the sky, that elsewhere aren't visible due to light pollution. „This darkness, emptiness and loneliness I have never experienced before. This place really forces you to perceive things differently and to reflect new” the much-traveled singer Martin Engler remembers. The magic of Terlingua took hold of the four musicians and six months later the band returned to „their“ ranch to produce their most personal album so far. Life in Terlingua is simple, dusty, and apparently uneventful. Five weeks Martin, Katha Mia, Carl, and Manuel were filled by the emptiness that surrounded them. They looked at the horizon- and beyond their own. They pushed the limits - and went on. And when things got out of hand, they'd just hit the road. Via Highway 118, listening to Johnny Cash and the other heroes of the small local radio stations. With rich booty in their luggage they went home. Once again the band retired to a special place, the legendary GAGA studios, for a few weeks and gave the almost finished lyrics and compositions the finishing touch. „We have matured as a band and took a big step with the new album. Terlingua should sound different than anything we've done before in our ten-year history. “

Tracks Disc 1 (CD audio) ‘Terlingua' : 01 Mondschein 02 Never-ending Love Song 03 Heiland 04 It never rains 05 Tag X 06 118 07 Die Noten deines Lebens 08 Still 09 An klaren Tagen 10 Emory Peak 11 Love Lies 12 Terlingua 13 Study Butte

Disc 2 (Bonus DVD) : 01 Welcome! 02 Tag X (video clip) 03 Never-ending Love Song (video clip) 04 Making of „Tag X“ 05 Interview with MONO INC. (Part 1) 06 An klaren Tagen (piano version) (video clip) 07 Interview with MONO INC. (Part 2)
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