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Red Sun Revival : Identities - CD Red Sun Revival : Identities - CD  Ref: 21426

Red Sun Revival are a London-based alternative/gothic rock band, formed in 2011 by Rob Leydon (The Eden House, Voices of Masada, Adoration), Matt Helm (Pretentious, Moi?), Christina Emery, and Panos Theodoropoulos (The Mayors, Clouds By Night, RottViolent). The band's sound is a fusion of guitar-based alternative rock with orchestral soundscapes and folk edges.

Following their critically acclaimed debut album "Running from the Dawn" (2012,) and popular 4-track EP "Embers" (2014), Red Sun Revival now release their much anticipated second album "Identities". "Identities" features nine original songs in addition to a re-mixed version of their 2014 single "Mistakes" featuring newly recorded vocals. All songs also feature live drums courtesy of Simon Rippin (The Nefilim, NFD, The Eden House, Adoration.) As with the band's previous releases, these new songs have been painstakingly mixed and produced by Stephen Carey (The Eden House, Adoration, NFD, This Burning Effigy.). "Identities" represents a new direction for Red Sun Revival, whilst retaining the essential elements of the band's characteristic sound. The songs are a mixture of both upbeat and brooding pieces and together form part of a broader narrative told throughout the album


1/ Premonition (4:35)

2/ Echoes (5:44)

3/ Four Walls (4:58)

4/ The Reckoning (5:42)

5/ Fade in Time (6:08)

6/ In Your Name (4:37)

7/ Mistakes (Album Version) (6:37)

8/ The Condemned Part I (7:12)

9/ The Condemned Part II (3:21)

10/ The Awakening (3:14)

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