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V/A : Amphi Festival 2015 - CD V/A : Amphi Festival 2015 - CD  Ref: 21449 The yearly Amphi Festival in Cologne/Germany is one of the most popular scene-related events in Europe. The festival promoters have yet again managed to put together a classy array of top names from the Gothic- and Electro-scene and the CD features a versatile selection of the best performing bands that includes everything from big names to promising new faces. With Front 242, And One, Combichrist, Agonoize, The Mission, Welle:Erdball, Qntal, Rabia Sorda, Zeraphine, Samsas Traum, Chrom, [:SITD:], Rome, X-RX and many more, who are all represented with current hits or classic tunes, the compilation features an excellent overview of this year's line-up. Sporting a whopping 18 tracks, "Amphi Festival 2015" not only pushes the limits of the CD format, but is also the ideal festival-companion and souvenir, as well as one of the best and most versatile compilations to come out of the scene, all year... all at the sensationally low price of an EP! A must-own for anyone interested in Electro, Gothic or related music.

Artists/Tracks: 01 FRONT 242-Kampfbereit 02 AND ONE-Männermusik 03 CHROM-Loneliness 04 NEUROTIC-FISH-Silence 05 WELLE: ERDBALL-Vielen Dank für die Information 06 THE MISSION-Everything but the Squeal 07 RABIA SORDA-We're here to win 08 COMBICHRIST-Maggots at the Party 09 POKÆMON REAKTOR-Blow your Head away 10 AGONOIZE-Toxin 11 [:SITD:]-Dunkelziffer (single version) 12 QNTAL-Tenacious Love 13 THE DEVIL AND THE UNIVERSE-Danaus Plexippus 14 ROME-One Fire 15 ZERAPHINE-Die Macht in Dir 16 DARKHAUS-Side Effect of Love 17 SAMSAS TRAUM-Stromausfall im Herzspital 18 X-RX-Crank it up

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