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ASP : Verfallen – Ltd Book Edition - 2xCD+Book ASP : Verfallen – Ltd Book Edition - 2xCD+Book  Ref: 21472 October 16th 2015 sees the release of the first part of a new narrative by ASP. For this album, Asp has turned “The flesh of many”, a haunting short story exclusively written for this compelling project by bestselling German author Kai Meyer, into a melodious horror tale. The album cycle “Fremd”, its current release “Maskenhaft” having peaked on the Media Control Charts at Number 2, will be continued after the completion of the second part of VERFALLEN. ASP ask a lot of their audience. And their fans love them for their poetry put to music. Thesesongs come from Goth Rock, but there is also Metal, Drone-Doom, Chanson, Tango even … held together and lovingly blackened by catchy, but never little, melodies. This is Gothic Novel Rock, versatile and haunting as ever, yet even more eclectic. Then there are the lyrics. Like in H.P. Lovecraft's stories, the horror uncurls slowly, subtly, inescapably. Asp's songwriting effortlessly balances suspense with coherence, grim and ghastly tales with the pure joy of stories well told.

2CD ‘Verfallen – Folge 1: Astoria' – Limited novel edition

• Album plus bonus CD

• Bonus CD ‘Live auf dem M'era Luna 2013', including the songs ‘Die Gabe' (previously unreleased) and an acoustic version of ‘Die Löcher in der Menge'

• Opulent hard cover book, landscape format (19.5 x 14.3 cm approx)

• 80 pages of exceptional and scarily beautiful pictorial worlds

• Includes complete album lyrics by gothic novel specialist Asp

• plus ‘Das Fleisch der Vielen', a horror story written specially for this project by successful author Kai Meyer

• Lavishly designed by cult artworker Joachim Luetke

• Exquisite art print on high quality art paper, with durable thread stitching

• Extra-strong front and rear endpapers, printed in colour

• All printed parts boast luxurious silk matt lamination

CD1: Tracks : 01 Himmel und Hölle (Kreuzweg) 02 Mach's gut, Berlin! 03 Zwischentöne: Ich nenne mich Paul 04 Zwischentöne: Baukörper 05 Begeistert (Ich bin unsichtbar) 06 Zwischentöne: Lift 07 Astoria verfallen 08 Souvenir, Souvenir 09 Zwischentöne: Blank 10 Dro[eh]nen aus dem rostigen Kellerherzen 11 Alles, nur das nicht! 12 Loreley 13 Fortsetzung folgt…1

CD2 : Tracks 01 Kai Meyer: Lesung, Teil 1 (Arkadien) 02 Song: Die Löcher in der Menge 03 Kai Meyer: Lesung, Teil 2 (Die Alchimistin) 04 Song: Die Gabe
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