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Veil, The : History - Best of - CD Veil, The : History - Best of - CD  Ref: 21533 The absolutely ESSENTIAL of the (US-)British 80s New Wave/Goth Rock band The Veil on one CD!

The CD comes with a 12-pages booklet incl. rare and never seen documents and pictures from the 80s and an extensive comment by Goth Pop Mick Mercer (see attachment for full text!). This CD collects ALL tracks ever released by the Band on 1 album, 2 12” singles and 1 7” single. The Veil was born from the ashes of San Francisco Death Rock/Goth band ‘Beast', who dissolved at the end of 1983 following their last UK tour at which time Andrella Canne (vocals) and James Christ (bass) elected to remain in the UK where they felt the climate was right for what they wanted to do next musically: THE VEIL.

Andrew DaKeyne (guitar) and John Kingham (drums) were local Brits who completed the original Lineup. A first single was recorded at Blackwing Studios, which was in an old church and suited the music perfectly. John Fryer (Depeche Mode, Fad Gadget, Cocteau Twins) engineered and produced the single and the record was greeted with immediate critical success and garnered repeat airplays on John Peel's BBC radio show. In 1985 the band began recording the album, “Surrender”, recorded again at Blackwing Studios, again with John Fryer and John Brand (The Waterboys, Big Country, The Cult, Go Betweens, Aztec Camera, Gene Loves Jezebel…). Surrender” was greeted with enough critical and com- mercial success that their label Clay Records decided to pull the opening track as a single, that subsequently became a major underground hit.

The whole of the summer of 1985 found The Veil performing at a summer resort in Rovinj, Yugoslavia. Groups of music lovers from all over Europe would come to the resort to soak up the sun and listen to music. By the end of the summer The Veil had played well over 100 shows conse- cutively to many tens of thousands of fans from all over Europe. This was an amazing once in a lifetime experience for the members of the band.

Back in the UK, the band unfortunately had to face the fact, that their label was in serious Financial trouble, and were forced to release their new EP on their own. However, soon after the two founders of The Veil, being American, were forced to leave the UK due to the fact that the UK Home Office would not renew their work permit for the UK. Faced with the realities and logistics of a Trans-Atlantic band partnership The Veil decided to dissolve, leaving behind a well regarded recorded legacy along with many live performances in the UK and the continent.

Track s: 01 Twist 02 Hoax 03 The Rain 04 Love in a dying World 05 Sway 06 Pale Hose 07 Closet Floor 08 Thy Will 09 Manikin 10 Surrender 11 Manikin - 12" Extended 12 Manikin - 12 " Short Version 13 Dreams Endowed - 12" Single 14 Panic - 12" Single 15 Heavy Heart - 12" Single 16 Watching (The Nite World Work) - 12" Single 17 Is this Sin - 12" Single 18 Twist - 7" Single 19 Sway - 7" Single
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