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Helalyn Flowers : Sonic Foundation Limited - 2xCD Helalyn Flowers : Sonic Foundation Limited - 2xCD  Ref: 21575 The band's strong imagery and iconic visuals get an expanded dimension on the albums deluxe carton box edition augmented by the "Androids In Agony" bonus disc, a non stop-mix of reinterpretations by acts like THE PSYCHIC FORCE, ALIEN VAMPIRES, EGO LIKENESS, SIMON CARTER, EEXEE etc., while Diana S. from JUNKSISTA and Ms Larsen from LUNACY BOX contribute with remixes and additional guest vocals. Cherry on the cake: add two hard-club mixes from HELALYN FLOWERS of their songs "Karmageddon" and "Shadow Complex"…

Tracks CD2 “Androids in Agony” [with the limited 2CD box only] : 01 Shadow Complex (Fallen Blackened Boys mix by Helalyn Flowers) 02 Karmageddon (The Hunter mix by Helalyn F.) 03 Frozen Star (Simon Carter clubbed up rmx) 04 New Days of Babylon (Schwarzblut rmx) 05 Shadow Complex (Alien Vampires rmx) 06 Synthetic Paranoia (Hell:Sector rmx) 07 Frozen Star (EEXEE rmx) 08 Synthetic Paranoia (The Psychic Force OldSkool rmx) 09 Karmageddon (Ego Likeness rmx) 10 Maths of Chaos feat. Angelspit (Junksista Black Velvet rmx feat. Diana S.) 11 Frozen Star (Push against new Fakes feat. Ms Larsen rmx)

Anno 2016, the Italian duo of HELALYN FLOWERS strike back at full force with the uncompromising determination of redefining our sonic foundation! With the last October surprise (digital) release of the “Beware of Light” EP, they clearly reaffirmed their sonic force and capacity of selecting the perfect guests to collaborate with for an optimal result. The astounding duet with Chris Pohl (BLUTENGEL…) instantly pushed them back in the spotlight of all alternative clubs across the globe. N0emi Aurora and maXX are not the kind of artists who content themselves repeating the same recipe of success again and again. And on this new 4th full length album, they more than ever push their artistic limits to the max: connecting extremes together, fusing eclectic music styles just like playing with fire and ice, experimenting with their colorful sonic palette for the absolute fusion of genres distilled into their very own and so characteristic hi-energy and modern darkwave style lead by the charismatic female vocals of N0emi Aurora whose impressive vocal range and extravagant personality are showcased at their ultimate best evoking singers like Lady Gaga, Siouxsie Sioux or yet Cristina Scabbia at other moments!

From the martial rhythmic Industrial Metal of "Karmageddon" or "New Days Of Babylon" to the EBM- injected Electro Rock of "Synthetic Paranoia". From the surprising blend of PSYCHIC TV's Acid Techno-Era meets THE PRODIGY and Black Metal-infused KILLING JOKE tones of "Shadow Complex" to the sci-fi ambient touch of the post-urban hit "Frozen Star". From the freezing ritual chant of “Eerie” to the goth rock anthem “For All Bad Things” or yet the ultimate industrial ballad “I saved an Angel” and its ghostly guitars, melodic piano notes and stunning vocal lines. “Sonic Foundation” is an addictive album uniting catchy Electro and alluring Industrial Metal in absolute symbiosis thanks to HELALYN FLOWERS' unique sound alchemy bringing power, melody, darkness and sexiness in one cohesive sound shell. "Sonic Foundation" is an album that uncoils through dangerous and surrealistic figurative worlds, invoking post-primitive scenarios à-la William Burroughs and David Lynch.

Tracks : 01 Synthetic Paranoia 02 Beware of Light 03 Frozen Star 04 Karmageddon 05 New Days of Babylon 06 It's coming now 07 Shadow Complex 08 Maths of Chaos (feat. Angelspit ) 09 Eerie 10 For all the bad Things 11 I saved an Angel Bonus Track : 12 Beware of Light [feat. Chris Pohl ]
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