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V/A : Electrostorm Vol 7 - CD V/A : Electrostorm Vol 7 - CD  Ref: 21641 Volume 7 of the highly successful Electrostorm-series presents choice picks from the biggest names and best newcomers in the international Electro-scene, among them a lot of tracks and remixes that are yet unreleased... at the price of a CD-single!

The song selection features several songs that are previously unreleased and some rare remixes while the line up of featured bands should make any Electrohead's mouth water. The scene's top bands, such as Blutengel, Hocico, Solar Fake, Suicide Commando, Dive, Chrom, Ashbury Heights, Accessory or Rummelsnuff meet newcomers with hit potential, like The Sexorcist, Dear Strange, Massive Ego, Sleepless In Pyongyang or Palast. The entire bandwidth of our highly versatile scene is covered in more than an hour's playing time at a price that is less than two beers at your local watering hole! A gem for people who like to discover new music and the perfect companion for any Electrohead!

Join the movement! Join the Electrostorm!

Artists/Tracks : 01 Palast „Just Friends“ 02 Solar Fake „Under Control“ 03 Blutengel „Soul Of Ice“ (Reworked) 04 Ashbury Heights „Glow“ 05 Dear Strange „The Unicorn“ (Antoni Maiovvi's Giallo Disco Mix Edit) 06 Massive Ego „Drag Me In, Drag Me Under“ 07 Thirteen Skulls „Contagious“ 08 Angels & Agony „Shine“ 09 Chrom „The Start Of Something New“ 10 Accessory "Outrun the gun" (Too many nights - Electro Mix) 11 Suicide Commando „The Pain That You Like“ 12 The Juggernauts „Plastic World“ 13 Hocico „Heart Attack“ 14 Dive „Obsession“ featuring Kirlian Camera 15 Rummelsnuff „Der Oger“ 16 Sleepless In Pyongyang „Starlight Desperation“ 17 The Sexorcist „Vegan“
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