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Nachtmahr : Mit vereinten Kräften - CD-Ltd Nachtmahr : Mit vereinten Kräften - CD-Ltd  Ref: 21715 ‚Mit vereinten Kräften‘ (With joint forces) - a statement that couldn't fit better to the global NACHTMAHR army and is now becoming the title of a very special release. Only a couple of months after the smashing success of “Kampfbereit”, a grandiose manifesto that updated and sharpened the apocalyptic dirge of the early days, Thomas Rainer once again summons his international troops to thank them for their fidelity and to build them a monument perpetually claiming that NACHTMAHR is much more than a project, much more than an idea.

NACHTMAHR is a community, a way of life. Armed with cover versions done by close friends, passionate fans or long-time collaborators and stunningly visualized by you, the NACHTMAHR soldiers: Never was the NACHTMAHR army's superiority more obvious than with this project. Fans and sidekicks from all parts of the world sent in their pictures – countless girls and boys in uniform to be reckoned with. More than anything else it is proof of the close ties the commander built with his fans from day one.

Sure enough, also “Mit vereinten Kräften” is unleashing an aural force that will once again convulse the scene. SHIV-R have a go at “Rise and Fall”, LOLITA KOMPLEX turn “I believe in Blood” into a massive Goth Rock anthem, PHOSGORE take no prisoners with their rendition of “Wir sind die Toten”, GREGOR BEYERLE, one of the fixed stars in the NACHTMAHR universe, showcase his production talent with “Ich bin”, EXTIZE are all about the “Filles en Uniforme”. Yes, in French! A total of 17 projects sinks their teeth into NACHTMAHR tracks from all eras and unearth some surprising and hidden facets that once again bear testimony to how much prowess really lurks in Thomas Rainer's battle cries.

With joint forces – for NACHTMAHR! This really is much more than an empty promise. It is proof that a spark turned into an inferno and is far from its devastating peak. Who would dare to oppose this army now?

ATTENTION: The first edition of the album is released as a strictly limited collector's edition:

Opulent digipak edition in A5 format

32-pages extra-booklet (appr. 17,8 x 12 cm ),

Booklet with an extensive picture gallery of the international NACHTMAHR army

Exquisite art print on high quality art paper

Enclosed in an open-ended slipcase

Hand-numbered and personally signed by Supreme Commander Thomas Rainer

Strictly limited to 999 copies

Artists/Tracks : 01 EISENWUT – Nachtmahr 02 NITRO/NOISE – War on the Dancefloor 03 V2A – Tanzdiktator 04 SHIV-R – Rise and Fall 05 EXTIZE – Filles en Uniforme (Mädchen in Uniform - French) 06 REICHSFEIND – Sklave 07 LOLITA KOMPLEX – I believe in Blood 08 CHAOS RISING – Mein Name 09 KRANKHEIT – Dämon 10 KATARINA GUBANOVA – Tanzt für mich 11 OMNIMAR – Matushka Rossiya (Mütterchen Russland - Russian) 12 GREGOR BEYERLE – Ich Bin 13 C-LEKKTOR – Abre Fuego! (Feuer frei! - Spanish) 14 PHOSGORE – Wir sind die Toten 15 CIRCUITO CERRADO – El Chupacabra 16 VERSUS – Die Fahnen unserer Väter 17 KASTE37 – I hate Berlin
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