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Project Pitchfork : Look Up, I'm Down There - Limi Project Pitchfork : Look Up, I'm Down There - Limi  Ref: 21727 Special double CD hardback book edition, limited to 2525 copies!

This most sumptuous EVER edition in Project Pitchfork's 25 years career comes as follows:


Opulent hardback book containing two CDs

CD 1: the album ‘Look up, I'm down there'

CD 2: contains an exclusive song and five remixes by Peter Spilles

80 pages, perfectly formed in stylish landscape format (approx 19.4 x 14.1 cm)

Unique, mysterious visual worlds by Silent View

Contains the entire album lyrics

Also contains a short story by the fantasy author Björn Springorum, based on the album

concept and included in English and the original German versions

Elaborate design by cult artworker SeasonZero (ASP, L'Âme Immortelle etc)

Book pages consist of paper and semi-transparent parchment paper

Paper pages feature exquisite art print on 130g art paper, with additional metallic ink

Parchment paper pages feature illustrations in metallic print

Front and rear endpapers, thick paper, printed in colour

All printed parts boast luxurious semi-matt lamination

Bound with durable thread stitching


Extremely sturdy slipcase made from board that is printed black

Outer wrap printed in colour and featuring additional metallic print

Finished with opulent faux leather lamination


Hand-numbered by Peter Spilles

Signed by Peter Spilles, Dirk Scheuber and Jürgen Jansen

Strictly limited to 2,525 copies worldwide

Tracks CD2 (ONLY with the limited edition) : 01 Pendulum (bonus track) 02 What have we done (rmx) 03 Titânes (rmx) 04 Volcano (rmx) 05 Exile (rmx) 06 Pandora (rmx)

The new PROJECT PITCHFORK album is a turning point. The beginning of something new, built on the foundation of an unprecedented career and released in time with the commemorations for the 25 th anniversary of this pioneering act. It is rewriting history once again, too. Like never before, Peter Spilles injects the entirety of his vast artistic work into a single release, embracing the myriad of inspirations, visions and sounds that have orbited him since day one. This is an album unique in its musical thickness and yet proves to inspire and surprise every single second of its duration.!

Thus, a precise musical categorization has become utterly obsolete. Being a project that single-handedly invented, hatched, nursed and boosted dark electro, “Look up…” is nothing short of an awe-inspiring demonstration of darkly emotional music. The crisp EBM beats of the early nineties, voluptuous melodies from the late nineties, the futuristic and pulsating sequences boosting PP's career in the new millennium, plus a fair share of his biting cynicism coalesce in a visionary new mother-ship of dark electro. It's not about single songs or the occasional club hit - it's about the glorious entirety of the record.

The ‘sound' is only half the reason as to why this release reaches new artistic heights. The lyricism reveals Peter Spilles' most personal introspections yet. Ruthless, direct and unfiltered, he is permitting a deep gaze into his inner most life. From its inception, intrigued by space and its infinite possibilities, “Look up…” combines two sides of mankind´s epic history, seen through the eyes of a single individual. War, loss, exploitation of nature, isolation and the cataclysmic triumph of social media all paint the lyrical canvas with dark colors. Hope arrives in shape of a presence that senses good in all of us, imploring that we never to cease to love, ask and feel – “Look up, I'm down there”. Look up and you will realize that you are not alone – whatever may happen. This is what makes the 17 th PROJECT PITCHFORK record perhaps the best, and most certainly the most important and salubrious beacon of their stellar career.

Tracks : 01 Into Orbit 02 Titânes 03 Propaganda Child 04 Blind Eye 05 Pandora 06 Look up I'm down there 07 Volcano 08 Sunset Devastation 09 Open with Caution 10 Furious Numbers 11 Exile 12 Sky Eye
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