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La Scaltra : Freakshow - CD La Scaltra : Freakshow - CD  Ref: 21904 “THE perfect mixture of Siouxsie and the Banshees and Lebanon Hanover!”

They have an affinity for horror movies and venerate Vampira, Morticia Addams and Lily Munster. They are dreamy, wicked, full of fantasy, mysterious and aloof. They are Aeleth Kaven (vocals, song-writing & composer) and Dae Widow (vocals), two banshees intend on sharing sorrow, pain and loneliness with their fabulously unique voices. Dae loves hope and East-Asian Mysticism, Aeleth prefers the Occult and venerates destructive Black Metal. The antithesis is manifesto, inspiring their dissimilarity and shaping their youth. They recount the search for a particular place here injured souls find succour, tranquillity and where they can settle down. A place protected by darkness in which one can be anything one wishes to be and do as one pleases, indulging in one's hidden fantasies. And they discovered that darkness is not necessarily to be feared but can be in fact most extraordinarily beautiful indeed.

“Freakshow” is an outstanding album by this eclectic and imaginative duo, which employs minimal synth with original New Wave embellished by a decent portion of post-Punk. Particularly the elementary melodies and arrangements comprising bass, guitar, synthesizer and drum computer, enhanced with aloof yet enchanting wave-like voices casting their irresistible spell. Sentiments like sadness, emptiness and melancholy are transposed into their songs. At times Aeleth Kaven intones inexorably and dark, then soft and gentle in accord with Dae Widow's dreamy and maiden-like voice. With a straight lined impellent drum computer, perfectly harmonised instrumentation and the echoing canto achieving an ancillary expanse.

“Freakshow” is uncompromisingly cold, dark and minimalistic, eerie and sinister not unlike a walk through an ancient cemetery draped in fog and moonlight. “Find beauty in darkness” is their motto! LA SCALTRA represent the most gorgeous Gloomy-Goth, full of obscure creativity and heavenly tristesse.

Tracks : 01 Intro 02 Devils Playground 03 Cantate 04 The Cat Lady 05 Gloria 06 A Remedy 07 Sonar Dance 08 Holidays 09 Chained Hysteria 10 Black Wedding

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