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ASP : Zutiefst - 2xCD ASP : Zutiefst - 2xCD  Ref: 21912 ‘Regular' digibook edition, featuring a double CD.

- Digibook 24 pages, fine art print on high-quality paper

- Includes complete profound album lyrics by gothic novel specialist Asp

- Numbered with stylish silver foil blocking

- Strictly limited to 9,999 copies worldwide

The essence of ‘gothic novel rock'; a distillation of ASP's works. ASP return to the ‘Fremder' story cycle, bringing the journey they commenced with the top ten album ‘fremd' and developed further on ‘MaskenHaft' to a new climax. Or more specifically, they descend into the most unfathomable depths of the human soul. On ZUTIEFST (‘deeply') Alexander ‘Asp' Spreng concentrates quite clearly on that which the fans love and which makes this band so special: Ten spooky musical short stories that contain that finely distilled skill, and which constitute what is probably the shortest ever literary work. Each song knows how to captivate with its very own fantastic plot, and as Asp sets to work, he does so full of gusto. Even though, as always, the album has turned out to be lyrically ambitious, offering ASP fans lots of allusions and back references, on ZUTIEFST you notice a lightness that almost seems to be in contradiction to the complexity and profundity of the lyrics. There has not been such a density of hits from the melodically unerring ASP for many years. One gothic novel hit follows the other, and future live evergreens follow hot on the heels of one other.

With ZUTIEFST, you almost have the feeling that you have a sort of ‘best of' in front of you. The new ASP album combines the playful beauty of ASP classics such as ‘Weltunter' with the earthy power of ‘fremd'. You will find hymnal heavy rockers as well as virtually soundtrack-esque, wave-like moments and echoes of epic dark rock operas. As opposed to the work of many other representatives of the somewhat darker scene, you can always clearly feel the self-mocking lyrical wink in the compositions, which does them a whole lot of good. Of course, ASP remain true to their roots, and the new album features many a spooky story, but to be quite clear: this album offers boundless fun! Once more, they are ASP to the core!

Tracks CD1 : 01 Sturz (Intro) 02 20.000 Meilen 03 zutiefst… 04 SonaARta 05 Torpedos 06 Leviathan 07 Die Untiefen 08 Abyssus 1 09 BernsteinmeerengeL 10 Mondscheinsirenade 11 Sog

CD2 : ‘Logbucheintrag': 01 20.000 Meilen 02 zutiefst… 03 SonaARta 04 Torpedos 05 Leviathan 06 Die Untiefen 07 Abyssus 1 08 BernsteinmeerengeL 09 Mondscheinsirenade 10 Epi-Log: Sog 11 Parole: Poesie! 12 I am a Rock 13 Souvenir, Souvenir (Intimus-Version, live) 14 Reflexionen (reflected by Spielbann)
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