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V/A : Electronic Body Matrix - 4xCD V/A : Electronic Body Matrix - 4xCD  Ref: 21914 The first volume of this compilation series (now deleted!) got qualified by many as THE ultimate anthology of the EBM / electro-industrial scene. Today, Alfa Matrix takes the difficult challenge of doing even better with the 2nd edition of the “Electronic Body Matrix” compilation box and once again manages featuring a real "who is who" artist selection!

This 2nd edition presents some 76 bands across 4 CD's plus an exclusive download link giving you access to another 40 additional bands for a total music play of 116 songs (over 70% rare or previously unreleased tracks), an astounding 10 hour sonic journey! Marketed as a deluxe carton box with an extensive 28-page booklet with band pictures and credits!

All together on one same compilation, the leaders of the electronic scene of yesterday and tomorrow come together and include: FRONT 242 (exclusive mix), NITZER EBB (exclusive mix), HOCICO, FIXMER/MC CARTHY, RHYS FULBER, DANIEL B. PROTHESE, DIVE, ORPHX, [SITD], FUNKER VOGT, AYRIA, ELEGANT MACHINERY and countless others, without forgetting the impressive remix work contributions of bands like EISFABRIK, FADERHEAD, NZ, ORANGE SECTOR, ELM, etc.

The exclusive bonus download link included in this 4CD box also gives you access to some 40 additional songs from artists like MENTALLO & THE FIXER, ACYLUM, SERPENTS, ZOMBIE GIRL, AENGELDUST, EQUITANT, ELECTRO SYNTHETIC REBELLION and many many more! If there is one compilation to take with you on a deserted island, "Electronic Body Matrix 2" is the one! And now let the beats & bass-lines rock! EBM is dead - long live EBM!

Artists/Tracks CD1 : 01 NZ-S.F.R.Y. 02 [SITD]-Post-factual Age 03 ELM-Kampftrinker (schlacht!-mix) 04 AGREZZIOR –Run 05 CELLULOIDE-Gris (virussé par ORANGE SECTOR) 06 ELEGANT MACHINERY-I say 07 ENTRZELLE-Steadily losing Faith 08 MONDTRÄUME-All you cannot see (CRYTEK mix) 09 THE PSYCHIC FORCE-Die in the Clinic (EISFABRIK mix) 10 FUNKER VOGT-Der letzte Tanz (kurz) 11 CEPHALGY-Got Maschine Vaterland (single edit) 12 FREUNDE DER TECHNIK-Nachher ist man immer schlauer 13 BRUDERSCHAFT-Falling (PNE mix) 14 DREAM RECALL feat. MONDTRÄUME-Reasons to die 15 THIRD REALM-Command and Conquer 16 PITCH YARN OF MATTER-Faults 17 ELEKTROKLÄNGE-Heimkonsole (mehrsprachige version) 18 METROLAND-Cube (matrix mix) 19 DIVE-Far away

CD2 : 01 ORANGE SECTOR-Heute liebe ich Dich 02 ALIEN VAMPIRES-Rave to the Grave (NZ mix) 03 POUPPEE FABRIKK-Watch your Sex (2017) 04 IMPULSKONTROLL-French Evulutionen 05 FIXMER / MC CARTHY-Chemicals 06 KOMOR KOMMANDO-Music is My Religion 07 AESTHETISCHE-Gone tomorrow (hard mix edit) 08 R.I.P. (ROPPONGI INC PROJECT)-Havoc 09 NOISUF-X-Banzai (tenno heika) 10 ORPHX-Zero Hour 11 DANIEL B. PROTHESE-(sar+(-(_x x)'))) 12 NEON ELECTRONICS/NE-157 13 ENZO KREFT-We're breaking out 14 IMPLANT-The Telephone Call (ELM mix) 15 AD:KEY-Du bewegst Dich nicht (body matrix edit) 16 PATENBRIGADE: WOLFF-Der Brigadier trinkt Bier (DBtinB! mix) 17 ACCESSORY-Ship of Fools (CEPHALGY mix) 18 JUNKSISTA-How deep is My Love 19 ELECTROGENIC-Skills (radio edit)

CD3 : 01 CRYTEK-Anathema 02-MILDREDA-Neon Eon 03 AVARICE IN AUDIO-Lies to Me 04 HOCICO-In the Name of Violence (FADERHEAD mix) 05 ARMAGEDDON DILDOS-Intimidated 06 KANT KINO-Children in the Park (sinna acid) 07 KONER-Babbie (short edit) 08 FORMSHIFT feat. NEON ELECTRONICS-What we want (NOSEDA dark techno rework - radio edit) 09 RHYS FULBER-Minsk Maschinen 10 NÖVÖ-The Shortwaves (COMMUTER mix) 11 FRONT 242-Take One (KOREA HUNTINGTON remix) 12 DEUTSCHE BANK-Unterwegs in meinem Saab (FROHM mix) 13 THE ELDRIDGE EXPERIENCE-Cigarette Burns (valerie the lustrous love machine mix) 14 LIGHTS OF EUPHORIA-Blood on the Floor 15 SPETSNAZ-Free Fall 16 DIFFUZION-Blessed (power mix) 17 AUTODAFEH-No Future 18 THE SEXORCIST-Minimal Komplex 19 CULTURE KULTÜR-To the unknown Soldier (lost generation mix)

CD 4: 01 NEUROTICFISH-Is it dead 02 NITZER EBB-Down on your Knees (KANT KINO mix 2017) 03 HUMAN STEEL-Steel and Hammer 04 TOLCHOK-Man is Evil (2017) 05 BÖDLARNA-Fakir 06 PIONEROS CANO-Das Artefakt 07 MISS FD feat. VULTURE CULTURE-New Era 08 AMORPHOUS feat. Torsykes-Brave New World 09 PSY'AVIAH feat. Fallon Nieves Reboot Reset Relay (matrix edit) 10 AYRIA-Crash and Burn 11 STOPPENBERG-Fearless 12 CENTHRON-Blitzkrieg 13 LLUMEN-Force of Nurture (MILDREDA mix) 14 VENAL FLESH-corrupted Wetware 15 PROTECTORATE-Infocon 16 CARDINAL NOIRE-Narkomat 17 PLASTIC NOISE EXPERIENCE-Struggle 18 AIBOFORCEN feat. KANT KINO-Etching herself in Acid (matrix edit) 19 SPOILED POISONED-Heart Sync

EBM2 ‘Sound Card Bonus' : 01 KILMARTH-Bãsadatrark 02 MENTALLO & THE FIXER-A Lot like the Truth 03 AENGELDUST-Suicide Bomber (SYNCFACTORY mix) 04 ZEITFAKTOR-Escape 05 ACYLUM-Pest (LLUMEN mix) 06 SERPENTS-Immer voran (amen mix) 07 SIGNAL OPERATOR-Aus Fact (chemical sedation version) 08 E:S:R:-Machines of Destruction (edited) 09 EQUITANT-operative 10 OS42-The Answer 11 EUFORIC EXISTENCE-Do you tolerate 12 ANGSTSYSTEM-Resurrection (rekrutierung I) 13 CODE: RED CORE-Operators 14 CHRYSANTH-Cerebra 15 TOTEM OBSCURA-Verräter (DEADLY INJECTION mix) 16 ZOMBIE GIRL-Panic Attack (VENAL FLESH mix) 17 AT0SHIMA 3RR0R-Heart of Stone 18 NETZ-Hey Sam (fakermx) 19 BLOQUE DEL SUR-Contacto 20 SIVA SIX-Transcendence (METROLAND mix) 21 NEIKKA RPM-Battle Scars (CUTOFF_SKY mix) 22 MIRANDA CARTEL-Darkness of the Night 23 ESSENCE OF MIND-No Place to hide (astral labyrinth mix by ALIEN NATION) 24 DEKAD-Poladroid (new beat mix) 25 DIGITAL GEIST-Fired (edit) 26 TECHNOID-Legion 27 STUDIO-X vs TECHNOID-Leave us alone 28 STUDIO-X vs SIMON CARTER feat. AVARICE IN AUDIO-Hurting 29 INTERFACE-Destination (SIMON CARTER mix) 30 CIRCUITO CERRADO-8 Bit Bitch (noizetendo version) 31 EXFERNO-Alt-Facts 32 NEUTRAL LIES-Glitter Ball (K-BEREIT mix) 33 HELALYN FLOWERS-Synthetic Paranoia (THE PSYCHIC FORCE old skool mix) 34 TRAGIC IMPULSE-Razorblade 35 WANT/ED-Sputnik 1 feat. Holger Muller (DMT BERZERK mix) 36 ZYNIK 14-Alles zählt 37 DENCTBUG-Furchtlos 38 SCHWARZBLUT-Judas (BINARY DIVISION mix) 39 DIVERJE-I reject, your Control (feat. INLINE SEX TERROR) 40 RIOT KITTEN-Regicide
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