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Project Pitchfork : Fragment - Ltd - 2xCD Book Project Pitchfork : Fragment - Ltd - 2xCD Book  Ref: 22085 Opulent hardback picture book with 2 CDs

CD 1: the album ‘Fragment'

CD 2: contains two bonus songs and three remixes by Peter Spilles

Outer wrap printed in colour and featuring additional metallic print

Unique, mysterious visual worlds by SilentView

80 pages, in a large format worthy of the superb visual imagery (approx 28 x 28 cm)

Contains the entire album lyrics

Fine art print on high-quality, glossy coated 150g paper , with additional metallic ink

Elaborate design by cult artworker SeasonZero (ASP, L'ÂME IMMORTELLE etc)

Black front and rear endpapers

Elaborate black thread stitching

Strictly limited to 2,000 copies worldwide

We are all but fragments. Tiny pieces of a larger picture, destined to wax and wane. This, however, does not make us faceless elements in a loveless universe. Quite the contrary: each and everyone of us is carrying the universe within ourselves. Each and everyone of us is the universe. None better to clad these existential musings in songs and words than Peter Spilles. For many years now, his band PROJECT PITCHFORK delivers industrially charged, humanistic Electro milestones – futuristic, philosophical and cosmic in nature. His prior release “Akkretion” reachedfor new heights: the onset of an epic new trilogy that focusses on the birth of the universe itself. It is an ambitious topic of infinite proportions—skillfully, emotionally and grippingly staged by Spilles. His newest record “Fragment” proves that this was only the beginning. The first flame of a newly born universe. With “Fragment” this flame has grown to a roaring fire. The beginning of this strange, enigmatic and fathomless universe sparks the inspiration for a new record that could not be more f ascinating—a record that bears more warmth, more emotion, and more hope than any other PROJECT PITCHFORK release.

“Fragment” is part social commentary and part plea for love and tolerance. “As one single human, as a fragment, I am stunned by what's happening in the world right now”, Spilles says. Clad in intelligent strokes of elegant Electro, this record is Spilles' masterstroke. His most human album— the summation of a human being's lifetime—contrasts the scale of our love and hatred with the vastness of infinity, nature and its inevitable destruction. Black holes at the center of our galaxy swallowing mass and gravity; the hollowness and callous destruction at the center of our society. And while Spilles openly criticizes the way we treat each other, it wouldn't be PROJECT PITCHFORK if the message wasn't clad in poetry and served up as massive club anthems, such as “In your Heart”.

“Fragment” confirms what fans have known for a long time: PROJECT PITCHFORK are creating high art that cannot be measured by ordinary scene standards. Monumental, ambitious, and yet humble in its sincerity and humanity. Like a starlit sky, the music of PROJECT PITCHFORK is grand and unforgettable. And “Fragment” is a bridge to infinity and enlightenment touching every atom we are made of…

Regular Edition of Project Pitchfork's new opus. In 6-panel Digipak and including 28 pages booklet!

Tracks : CD1

01 The Great Storm 02 In your Heart 03 Peruse how infinite you are 04 A Fragment 05 A Clockwork 06 There is much More 07 On this small blue Planet 08 Hearts got Wings 09 And Everything reflects 10 The Universe

Tracks CD2 : 01 You knew it wouldn‘t be easy 02 And yet you are here 03 The Great Storm – rmx 04 A Fragment – rmx 05 In your Heart – rmx
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