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Nachtmahr : Gehorsam - MCD-Ltd Nachtmahr : Gehorsam - MCD-Ltd  Ref: 22093

ATTENTION: The first edition of this EP is released as a strictly limited edition in digipak format:

• CD in 6-panel digipak

• With brand new ‘fine military erotica' artwork

• Strictly limited to 999 copies

First, an anti-hero became a phenomenon. Then, the phenomenon became a movement. Today, NACHTMAHR are a cult, a force to be reckoned with in contemporary club culture playing by its own rules and never obeying any convention whatsoever. Supreme Commander Thomas Rainer is controlling his regiment with an iron fist and relentless beats. He will not tolerate any resistance and is demanding obedience from each of his followers.

It's no coincidence that his latest EP release is bearing that very name. “Gehorsam”, obedience. After the rather melodic, monumental tunes offered on his last release “Widerstand” (“resistance”), he is leading NACHTMAHR back to where it all began: Right into the raging, devouring hellfire that is modern club culture. Ten years after “Katharsis”, that legendary and still unconquered manifest of aggressive art, Rainer is again unleashing an anthem with the force of a thousand suns.

A whole bulk of five remixes is adding up to this musical form of fire clearance. STROMTOD is indulging in his brand of feverish Noise and massive sequences, SYNTHATTACK reanimate the rotting corpse of Dark Electro with a skilful demonstration of their craft, while CHAINREACTOR clad the track in bissfully stomping Electro/Industrial garments. Each and every one of them is heeding Thomas Rainer's call to arms. This may be as old news as the erotic, obsessive and rather explicit artwork the EP comes wrapped in. Some things, however, simply can't be pointed out often enough.

Tracks : 01 Gehorsam 02 Gehorsam (Remix by SynthAttack) 03 Gehorsam (Remix by Chainreactor) 04 Gehorsam (Remix by DKAG) 05 Gehorsam (Remix by Alien Vampires) 06 Gehorsam (Remix by Stromtod)
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