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Collide : Bent and Broken - 2xCD Collide : Bent and Broken - 2xCD  Ref: 20822 Bent and Broken Once again, COLLIDE manage to create their own audio universe. The ethereal electro-tech duo COLLIDE, led by vocalist kaRIN and electronic guru Statik, are back with a remixed vengeance.

The band’s imminent release, BENT and BROKEN, a double CD of stellar remixes (compiled mainly from songs off their two most recent full-length albums, COUNTING TO ZERO and TWO-HEADED MONSTER) is sure to stimulate the sonic sensibilities of ardent admirers and newcomers alike.

The first CD of the two-disc set (aptly titled, BENT) kicks off with a stunning remix of "Mind Games", the first single off their most recent studio album, COUNTING TO ZERO. Remixed by cEvin Key and Ken Marshall of SKINNY PUPPY, the track is infused with a fresh synth hook that demands attention and immediately answers the question of

why re-mix albums by this band are so unfailingly popular.

The second track, ORGY, is a distinctly original cover of a song which first appeared on Robert Smith’s (THE CURE) side project titled THE GLOVE. It is hypnotic and lays the groundwork for all the tracks that follow.

However, the track that undoubtedly deserves to be singled out for attention is the title track, BENT and BROKEN, a new, previously unreleased track. Collide aficionados will instantly recognize the familiar synth-driven COLLIDE style but also appreciate its fresh, forward-leaning approach, and new listeners will be forever hooked to such a degree that it should come with a warning label.

The remaining tracks continue to paint a sonic landscape so broad and mesmerizing that it’s virtually impossible to overlook any single track. Whether it’s the cover of the classic Queen song, "She Makes Me", or the virtuoso re-working by Tom Gipson of "In The Frequency", this is an album that draws you in, in a way that (if you were to try and account for the two hours or so of missing time) might make you believe you’ve been abducted by aliens… albeit, aliens with an uncanny musical appreciation.

Talk of this first CD cannot pass without at least a brief mention of the incredible remix of "Lucky 13" by electro artist Android Lust. This is the very definition of what a re-mix is supposed to do: retain the melodic recognition of the original track while at the same time elevating it to a new aural plane.

BROKEN, the second CD in the set, is every bit the equal of BENT, if not more so. Each of the additional 11 tracks flows effortlessly into the other, continuing an auditory soundscape that is …well, trance-inducing.

Another undeniable standout is a remix of "In The Frequency" by Chris Vrenna, (TWEAKER, NINE INCH NAILS, MARILYN MANSON). Vrenna brings to this already incredible song a thumping rhythm track that propels the song forward with such momentum that you’re certain it’s going to somehow launch itself into the stratosphere.

BENT and BROKEN is one of those rare albums that offers one great track followed by another, and another, and yet another. Do yourself a favor and listen to this!

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