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Rhombus : Here be Dragons - CD  Ref: 21025 Rhombus, the English favourites or the gothic scene are back. Over 8 months Rob, Ian, Mya and Edward have been giving everything they have to ensure this release meets the highest possible standard. Joined by Ed Wolstenholme on fiddle and in a first for Rhombus, Lee Talbot on drums, the band have crafted their most complex and complete collection of songs. Drawing on all their strengths and diverse influences, Here Be Dragons delivers their most accessible album to date. Written and developed over the last two years, this collection of songs details and documents the lives of both the band and members across what proved an intense and eventful period.

Rhombus always welcomed contributions from a group of semi-regular guest artists and friends, incl. vocals from the Rhombettes & contributions from Andrew Birch (The Last Cry), Alixandrea Corvyn (Last July), Chris Tuke (Berlin Black), Martin Aylward (Liquid Head) and Phil 'Spooks' Green (Dead Eyes Opened). Mixed by Gordon Young (Dream Disciples) with a view to distilling each song to a recipe pure enough to bring out the individual flavours of each contributor. Nowhere more evident than on the future classic "What You Wanted" which sees all of them com-bining behind Edward, Mya and Ian to deliver a vocal punch that will be ringing in your ears for some time to come.

Tracks: 01 T'Intro 02 Fallout 03 Staying under 04 Here be Dragons 05 Turn around 06 What You wanted 07 The One Thing 08 Lifeline 09 Tomorrow's Yesterday 10 Timeless & elegant 11 Made to last

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