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Funker Vogt : Navigator (Collectors Edition) - 2xC Funker Vogt : Navigator (Collectors Edition) - 2xC  Ref: 21791 Navigator is one of the most important releases of the cult band Funker Vogt, and finally it is available again on CD. This beautiful Collector's Edition comes in a 2CD+1DVD disc digipak, containing the following releases:

- Navigator, Fallen Hero, Killing Ground plus various bonus material, rare and unreleased tracks

- DVD containing the complete historic show “Funker Vogt live at the Kinetik Festival 2008 in Montreal, Canada”, video-clip “Fallen Hero” and special 2 ‘making-of' clips.

Completed by a detailed booklet with all original artworks and for the first time including all lyrics.

Altogether 27 tracks plus 4 videos!

Especially for new and younger fans of Funker Vogt this is a good chance to complete their collection. Here they will find the classic club-hits like „Fallen Hero“, „Killing Ground“ and „Vorwärts!“ which are still present in the current playlists of the DJs and which are still played live at Funker Vogt concerts. The listener will get a view behind the scenes and can discover the evolution of a song from the very first demo-edit (Vorwärts!) towards the final version. Funker Vogt Survivor (Original Release Info 2005):

FUNKER VOGT is back with their new album for 2005, "Navigator". On this newest release, stories of current events, war and the end of the world dominate the lyrics. On a deeper level, the album also reflects our own desolate society. While some are much more personal, taken from the band's own experiences and observations. Using new elements throughout the album, the band is anxious to see how their fans react to the new sounds. Songs like, "Vorwarts!", "Starfighters" and "No Tomorrow" use guitar in a more pronounced way, while other songs like "Reject", "Navigator" and "House of Sorrows" are more of a departure. Funker Vogt's future role in music will be determined by the success of this CD. A new era has arrived for them and "Navigator" will show the band their way on the upcoming journey.

Tracks CD1 : ‘Navigator': 01 Killing Ground 02 Fallen Hero 03 No Tomorrow 04 Friendly Fire 05 Navigator 06 House of Sorrows 07 Thoughts of a Soldier 08 Stronghold 09 Starfighters 10 Reject 11 The End 12 Für Dich 13 Vorwärts! Bonus : 14 Controlled Minds 15 Fallen Hero (Navigiert)

Tracks CD2 : ‘Fallen Hero': 01 Fallen Hero 02 Fallen Hero (Jekyll&Hyde-rmx by The Birthday Massacre) 03 Pain 04 Fallen Hero (Vereinigt) 05 Fallen Hero (Underwater Pilots-rmx) 06 Our Battlefield ‚Killing Ground‘: 07 Killing Ground (Grabenkrieg rmx) 08 Killing Ground (Ae4 rmx) ‚Rare or Unreleased‘: 09 Navigator (Sonic Seducer mix) 10 The End (extended) 11 Navigator (Zillo mix) 12 Vorwärts

Tracks DVD : Live in Montreal 2008 (Kinetik Festival)

01 Date of Expiration 02 Child Soldier 03 Black Hole 04 Fortunes of War 05 City of Darkness 06 Maschine Zeit 07 Words of Power 08 Fallen Hero 09 Hostile Waters 10 Gunman 11 Thanatophobia 12 Tragic Hero 13 Killing Fields FALLEN HERO (VIDEO-CLIP) MAKING OF FALLEN HERO MAKING OF NAVIGATOR FOTOSHOOT
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